Efficient management of soil is of paramount importance in breaking the yield barrier. Continuous cropping over long periods result in depletion of plant nutrients. Evaluation of the inherent fertility status of the soil is a pre-requisite for a balanced fertilization programme by taking into account the crop needs, soil supply of nutrients, fertilizer use efficiency and contribution from manures etc.
Soil testing programme was started in India during 1955-56 with the setting up of 16 soil testing laboratories in different States, under the Indo United States agreement. The first soil testing laboratory (STL) of Kerala was started in the then College of Agriculture, Vellayani, in 1957, under the Joint US technical aid programme. For the first three years, the laboratory functioned under the direct control of the Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi. Two more laboratories were started in 1966 in Alappuzha and Palakkad districts with the assistance from the US aid programme. A Central Soil Testing Laboratory was started at Trivandrum in 1978, to coordinate the activities of the soil testing laboratories and to ensure quality control of the soil testing service. Over five decades of its existence, the soil testing services has been extended to all the fourteen districts of the state.
The soil testing laboratories under the department of agriculture have been carrying out test for major nutrients, pH and EC till 2010. Subsequently, the STLs have started testing of soil samples for secondary (Ca, Mg, S) and micro nutrients (Fe, Mn, Cu, Zn,B), based on the findings from the project on ‘Soil Based Plant Nutrient Management Plan for Agro-ecosystems of Kerala’. The STLs have henceforth been strengthened by providing testing facilities for the above nutrients and necessary training for the technical staff.
The Department of Agriculture has at present 14 stationary and 9 mobile laboratories providing soil testing advisories in all the districts.


No District Address of soil testing laboratory Phone
1 Thiruvananthapuram Central Soil Testing Laboratory, Parottukonam, Nalanchira.P.O, Thiruvananthapuram - 695 015 04712533044
2 Kollam Soil Testing Laboratory, Kottamukku, Kollam - 13 04742797869
3 Pathanamthitta Soil Testing Laboratory, Kadakkad, Pandalam,Pathanamthitta 04734256645
4 Alappuzha Soil Testing Laboratory, Sanandanapuram, Alappuzha - 3 04772266862
5 Kottayam Soil Testing Laboratory,Ettumanoor, Kottayam 04822231156
6 Idukki Soil Testing Laboratory, Muthalakkodam, Thodupuzha, Idukki 04862282262
7 Ernakulam Soil Testing Laboratory,Vyttila, Ernakulam, Kochi - 19 04842703976
8 Thrissur Soil Testing Laboratory,Chempukavu,Thrissur - 20 04872320630
9 Palakkad Soil Testing Laboratory, Pattambi,Palakkad - 679 306 04662212091
10 Malappuram Soil Testing Laboratory, Malappuram-5 04832731390
11 Kozhikode Soil Testing Laboratory,Tikkotti,Kozhikode 04962600250
12 Wayanad Soil Testing Laboratory, Mananthavady Wayanad 04935442499
13 Kannur Soil Testing Laboratory, Ondane Road, Camp Bazar,Kannur-1 04602206812
14 Kasargod Soil Testing Laboratory, Seed Farm Complex (Agri),Kasargod 04994227428


  • Mobile Soil Testing Laboratory, Parottukonam, Nalanchira. P.O,Thiruvananthapuram
  • Mobile Soil Testing Laboratory, Kottamukku, Kollam - 13
  • Mobile Soil Testing Laboratory, Sandanapuram, Alappuzha - 3
  • Mobile Soil Testing Laboratory, Ettumanoor, Kottayam
  • Mobile Soil Testing Laboratory, Chempukavu,Thrisusur-20
  • Mobile Soil Testing Laboratory, Pattambi,Palakkad - 679 306
  • Mobile Soil Testing Laboratory, Malappuram-5
  • Mobile Soil Testing Laboratory, Tikkotti, Kozhikode
  • Mobile Soil Testing Laboratory, Ondane Road, Camp Bazar, Kannur-1


No Book/Chapter
1 Soil Fertility Assessment and Information Management for Enhancing Crop Productivity in Kerala (2013)- State Planning Board
2 Soil Health Management for Sustainable Agriculture in Kerala - Department of Agriculture(2019)
3 Hand Book on Soil Fertility - Department of Agriculture(2018)
4 Chapter: Soils and Soil Health in Rice Eco-systems of Kerala (Book: Rice in Kerala) – SPB (in press).
5 Pamphlets – 1. Overview of the project on soil based nutrient management plan for agro-ecosystems of Kerala 2. Managing soil acidity to augment crop production

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